Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Her first tutu 

Talking to the aliens on her spaceship

Play time on the blanket Bama Lou crocheted

We love the mall!

A crooked smile IS wickedly cute!

 Loving Auntie Sarah


Our little doll
(That's Daddy's baby blanket made by his Aunt Judith) 

Trying to sit up and discovering those hands and feet 



 The cuties little footies

Mommy and Me Yoga

Chloe's First Fortune... Ironic. 

 Uncle Andre came over for some football

Bath time with Mommy's baby towel

A 49er fan from the start!
 She loves the bottle from Bama Lou

Packing for her first road trip!  We love clothes!

Tummy Time on her new blanket from Sandy

Oooo!  Polka dots! 
Enjoying her new world of discovering Patterns!

All of the kids


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