Sunshine Acres

A special mention to all those onesies, footie pajamas, 
and pants that she grew out of before we could
honor them in their own special photograph.

Retired October 2013

Footie Pajamas (0-3m)

Her first designer outfit, Juicy Couture from Nana Sue (0-3m)

Her first dress Mommy bought and inspiration for her nursery (the closet is painted this shade of coral) (0-3m)

Her first onesie Mommy bought and a favorite to wear.  It's so soft! Gotta love Nordstroms! (0-3m)

Retired September 2013

A fan favorite (NB)


Make a splash onesie from cousin Kelly (0-3m)

Cute chicks and her first pair of jeans (NB)

Little ballerina (NB)

Wickedly Cute onesie from Grandpa Jim (NB)

Swaddleme Swaddles, 7-14 lbs
"She looks like a chrysalis!" - Nana Sue

These deserve a special mention of gratitude as they helped us all get a good nights sleep.
Chloe is still doing great sleeping (mostly) through the night with arms free.

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  1. What a great idea...and such awesome memories captured too! I have to say that my favorite is "The Fan Favorite". Love the layers of turquoise lace!