Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sunshine's Nursery

With only weeks, days, or minutes to spare, the nursery is finally 100% complete!

The car seat is installed and my bag is packed for the birth center.  Little clothes are washed and put away and her spaceship is ready to launch (the Cadillac of swings that all the new parents on our street swear by - the Mamaroo).  Now with only one week left of work and nothing left to cross of our list, the waiting game begins!

Today I completed the last nursery project and even though it wasn't something that contributed any sort of function beyond something pretty for her to look at while I change her poopy diapers, I can officially say I am ready for her to come.

When I was beginning to plan for the nursery, I pictured pastels and classic storybook themes featuring woodland creatures and little Peter Rabbit.  As soon as we busted open that pinata and I saw that hot pink confetti, I knew that didn't fit our little girl at all.

She made me think of sunshine and rainbows and I wanted to decorate her room in an eclectic, whimsical, and modern way.  Nothing frou-frou or baby girl and something that would be easy to transition from infant to toddler.  Now that it is complete I am so elated with how it turned out!

Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration and forum to find projects to play out my vision.

The first was the pillow on the rocker that I made using a t-shirt from my dear friend Leah.  It reads "Let's look out for each other" and has a polar bear riding on the back of a whale.

Next I got Simon to work on painting while I scoured Craigslist and work classifieds to find our crib, chair, and changing table.  He then dismantled the closet by taking down the doors and we added a cube shelf for extra storage.  I love how it is open and accessible while adding more space the room.

Then, with the help of my mom, I made the crib mobile and strings of flags that hang above out of felt.  That was a fun and complicated project and I am so pleased with how it turned out!

Last but not least, a series of three paintings hung above the changing table.  I knew I wanted abstract with a floral vibe and it couldn't have turned out better.

The colors are so vibrant - I aimed for a rainbow of colors, making sure to not go too literal all around and include a lot of those shades I love like coral, turquoise and hot pink.  The rug was also a treasured find, bringing in that grown up whimsy.

I just love my nook with upholstered rocker and gliding ottoman.  From the stories I hear about the amount of time we will spend there, I was adamant we got something extra comfy.  The string of felt hearts was a gift from our friend, Kim that is such an ideal addition to the window!

I scored a white wicker shelf from Goodwill in awesome condition for the little goodies above the chair that include my favorite items: Sofia the giraffe, the Mother Goose book, my old Beatrix Potter books, my Chewbeads teething necklace at the ready plus a few little keepsakes and extras.

This post wouldn't be complete without showcasing my Morganizing skills.  I made clothing dividers to keep us organized in the closet with all of the different sizes and labeled our cloth diaper drawer to help me, Simon, and our generous guests who chip in with diaper patrol, too.

Now, just to add the baby and put it all to good use!

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  1. Its just beautiful! I have an outfit to add for the wardrobe-- as if she needs it! Also, I wonder if she would like to have an old, raggedy, stuffed cat named Garfield? Will be tuned in to the phone on birthday--w/Chippewa Indians, Rolette County, ND.
    Love you all, Dad