Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Southern California Baby Tour, part 2


Friday began with a morning spent at Coronado Island.  
We checked out Sue's new office and then had a delicious breakfast at Rhinoceros Cafe.  

After breakfast it was time for the beach!  The day couldn't be more beautiful with a clear, sunny morning and just the right amount of breeze.  We set up our spot close to Hotel Del Coronado and headed for the water to dip our toes and get Chloe's first experience in the ocean.

In attempt for a memorable photo op, we adventured further out into the low breaking waves.  
Woops!  A big one snuck up on us!

What fun!
We hung out on the beach for a while, enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
We will definitely be making regular trips here in the future!


Next up: our 'first' date!
Simon and I drove up the coast once again, but this time sans baby.  We attended our friends' beautiful wedding in La Jolla and really enjoyed getting out to enjoy each other and let loose a little.


Time to say goodbye to Sue and San Diego and make our way to Orange County to visit Morgan's cousin Anna, her husband John and their little guy, Justin (5 months).  We really enjoyed our visit and are looking forward to more play dates with these two little cousins.

On the road again, now to Redlands to visit Morgan's brother and family.
Brian, Eva and all the kiddos: Jake, Olivia, Jonathan, and Sarah.


A little playtime in the morning at Chloe's first hotel and then a nostalgic breakfast stop: Olive Avenue Market.  Morgan's Grandparents' (Ed and Thelma Seidlitz) old grocery store.

The drive home went much quicker, already being on the East side of the valley.  Chloe almost slept the entire trip home, only stopping because we had to take a potty break!

All in all, it was a wonderful getaway and Chloe was such a trooper.

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