Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Three months old

Little Chloe has graduated from newborn to infant status and it shows!  She is no longer a sleepy and fragile little baby.  She giggles, coos, and moves with purpose. She doesn't just see us, she looks at us and reacts.  Her expressions are clear what she is feeling and she has her different voices to communicate exactly what that is. She doesn't just hear and recognize our voices, but she hears what we say and knows her name.

We are just blown away what a difference just a month makes.  She can sit if supported and is really close to rolling all the way over.  She wriggles around on her mat, scooting herself to her favorite toys.  Tummy time is still her least favorite activity, but we're sneaking it in a little bit at a time.  Before we know it, she will be mobile.

She is now 15 pounds and 24 inches!  Already wearing 3-6 month clothes, and quickly filling them out.  I have to say the only downside to cloth diapering is how bulky they are! Yes, our little pumpkin is nice and chubby, but with those diapers, pants are almost impossible!  I am guessing she'll be in 6-9 well before Christmas when she will be 5 months.

This month, my maternity leave ended and I started back to work.  It has been a couple weeks, and each day gets easier as we settle into our ever changing normal. Luckily, I work 4/10s.  While the days are long, it means I get 3 days off with her!  I just take it 2 days at a time and will continue to work towards our 3 year plan to hopefully allow me to stay home part-time with Chloe and her future sibling(s).

Needless to say, I'm much busier now so I will continue to squeeze in updates for you all on the blog on Wednesdays as much as I can.  Wordless Wednesday will now be monthly so stay tuned next week for a digital look at our adventures for the month.  Until then, enjoy pictures of Chloe's 3 month photo shoot.

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