Sunday, September 22, 2013

Two Months Old

What's New with Me? 
I sleep through the night most of the time, but I occasionally like to wake up around 3 for a midnight snack.  We are practicing a napping schedule and grandma and Simon are doing trial runs for when mommy is back to work. I sure don't like that bottle, even if it is mummy's milk.

I can just about hold my head up on my own and I am beginning to grab for things like hair and my pal, Sophie.  I am also beginning to relax my hands, which the doctor says is good.

My eyebrows are so expressive now! I really use them when I look at you or we are talking!  If I furrow my brow, beware: I'm not too sure about what's going on and if I don't like it, I will let you know with more than my eyes.  I also can frown now, which I can tell Mommy doesn't like but still thinks it is so cute.

I try to be a really good baby, and they say that I am.  Content and calm most of the time and it is really easy to put me in a happy and smiley mood.  But when I'm not happy, I sure do let you know.  My demands are simple: milk, snuggles, playtime and more milk.

Tummy time every day, now, but I'm still not a big fan.  I grunt and whine if it's gone on too long, soon I will get up on my hands, though!  I really love to kick my feet - I will be scooting around in no time!

Last week I went through a big growth spurt, gained a pound in a week! Even though mom is in denial, I'm moving into wearing 3-6 month clothes. Almost. (Have you been to Sunshine Acres to see some of my cutest retired outfits?)

Mom is still dairy free and now doesn't eat eggs because they upset my sensitive little tummy. She doesn't mind, though. Worth it for my comfort and creates less laundry.

I am finding my voice and playing around with sounds. Some favorite sounds are big sighs and long "oooo's." I especially love singing!  Next time you see me, be sure to strike up a conversation.  I have loads to tell you!
Blowing your nose scares me and I don't like the sounds of dishes clanking, but a love the sound of mommy and daddy's voices and I especially love when you sing to me on the changing table.

Some of my favorite songs are:
You are my sunshine

Renee and Jeremy songs from the album "It's a Big World"
Anything Jack Johnson
Disney Princess songs
And other lullabies on the Children's Lullaby Themes Pandora station

The world is so exciting and I love to discover and learn.  Here are more of this months firsts and memorable moments:

  • "Swimming" in the pool
  • Discovering my hands and feet
  • Finding the ceiling fan.  It is hypnotizing!
  • Lots of play dates with other babies from the birth center and Mommy's friends' babies.
  • Long periods without Mommy around - these I do not like.
  • A BBQ at our house.  Wow there were a lot of people!
  • Attended my first "wing night" at Erin and Derek's - apparently I need to get used to this outing as it is one of Mommy and Daddy's favorites!
  • We like to go to the mall a lot, even if Mommy and Daddy aren't buying anything
  • Fantasy Football Draft - I helped Mommy with the board and Daddy pick the best guys
  • Saw some fish swimming around at the doctor's office.  They were fun to watch!
  • More and more playtime as I am more awake during the day.

Doctors notes
Weight: 13 pounds, 0.5 oz     89th Percentile
Length: 23 inches                  80th Percentile
Head:  39cm                         79th Percentile

No concerns about growth, clearly!  She is "growing like a weed, like any breastfed baby should in the first few months."  She is perfectly healthy, Dr. Thomas said.

Chloe got her first round of vaccinations and was a trooper until the very last one.  It really rocked her world and after a very fussy and snuggly evening, slept a lot.

Next check up in November!

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