Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How time flies

I cannot believe this little person has been out as long as she was in my belly (give or take a day or two). 9 months and 5 days old. 

Pregnancy feels like an eternity but this set of 9 months has flown by in a flash. She is the center of our universe and it is the most normal and happy my life has ever felt. The purpose she has given makes all of it make sense. 

Happily consumed with diaper laundry, developmental milestones, play dates, a tornado of toys and baby things, and a life that is planned around the happiness and well being of her. Our little chicken. 

Chloe is full of personality. Effervescent and infectiously happy. She loves music and songs, she will rock to any melody - even an unsteady beat of a makeshift drum. She always seems to have a toy and each hand, inspecting every detail before throwing them all around. 

She will laugh hysterically if I put the dummy in my mouth or I tickle her belly with kisses or my nose. Poppy makes her light up, especially if she gets to pet her belly. 

Oh and the squeals of joy when "Da" walks in the room!

We are on the verge of mobile independence. She rolls, shuffles and scoots backwards to get where she wants to go and is working on the transitions from laying to sitting to standing. 

Communication is fun! Chloe signs 4 things: milk, more, eat and change. No words yet, but lots and lots and lots of sounds. Once she figures it out, she is going to have a lot to say! 

So here we are, only 3 months until toddler. We'll be busy soaking up the baby ways while they're here and next thing we know it will be time to throw a party!

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