Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Answer

Today we met with Chloe's Hematologist to review the weekly CBCs alongside the rest of the history we have gathered and were able to assess that she doesn't have cyclic neutropenia. Her counts were never normal. 

Instead, it appears to be Autoimmune Neutropenia. The good news is that her chances of growing out of it 18-24 months from now are very high.

We could start thrice weekly doses of Neupogen to boost her Neutrophil count, but since Chloe is overall quite healthy, we are going to hold off with the support of her Hematologist. 

A request is being sent to our insurance company to authorize gene testing to rule out cyclic and any possibilities of a genetic connection. 

For now, we continue to keep her healthy and watch for fevers. 

Back to play time and all the good stuff about being a toddler!

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