Saturday, February 22, 2014

A trip to the mountains

Last weekend, Chloe and I flew to Reno, NV to visit my Dad in Carson City. Chloe's first flight!

We lucked out both ways with extra seats so it sure made traveling alone much easier! On the way there, she slept the whole way and smiled through the landing. I, on the other hand, did not enjoy the landing. With high winds, up to 50-60mph, it was the worst descent I had ever experienced! But we landed safely and enjoyed a quiet weekend with Grandad. 

On our first day, we bundled up for an afternoon at Lake Tahoe where we had lunch and a walk along the beach in Kings Beach and stopped for some snowy photo ops on Mt Rose. 

The next day, we just bummed around. Chloe tried to make friends with my Dad's cat, Brooke, but she wasn't too interested in the idea...

Grandad is much more fun!

It was a really nice getaway where we could just hit pause and unwind. Thank you for having us, Dad! We will be back soon! 

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