Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Months Old, It's a whole new world...

Rolling over. A lot.  Like it is no big deal.  Just 2 weeks ago it was a struggle and 2 weeks before that not at all.

We have introduced an Exersaucer activity center and it is awesome!  She is totally obsessed with it.  She loves sitting and even tries her hardest to sit up from lying down.  In your lap she is a wiggle worm, so ready to be on the go.  Time to baby proof - she will be on the move in no time!

Chloe is very curious; interested in everything.  And of course if she gets her hands on it, it goes straight in her mouth.  She has even tried drinking out of a cup after she showed interest in chewing (well gumming) on my water glass.  We have every sign of teething except the teeth - it is coming soon we're sure.

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  1. She's moved into the baby phase, no more infant. She is learning things so quickly...and love her happy nature.