Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chloe's 1st Month

What a whirlwind!  We brought Chloe home the night she was born and quickly stumbled into parenthood.  She was so sweet and smiley already that it made those days that just blended together because we didn't know morning from night so worth it.  You really just don't get how big the emotion love can be until you have your first child. Now we do.

At her first visit with a pediatrician on the Monday after she was born (she wasn't seen at the birth center like babies born in hospitals would have been), she checked out wonderfully!  They were slightly concerned about her weight loss so we went back in two days later for another weigh in.  She had lost over 8% in the first 48 hours,which technically is normal but since it was closer to 10%, they wanted to keep an eye on her.  Well, we did good; she gained 8 ounces in two days!  He would have been happy with just 2 or 3.

As with all new parents, we had our struggles. Tripping over ourselves trying to learn as we go figuring out how to take care of this little person that is ours.  One of the hardest things we experienced was nursing.  She was spitting up a lot (we were blessed with quite a few projectiles) and showing signs of either reflux or a food allergy.  So I adjusted her position, made sure she was upright for 20 minutes after every feed (this made for long and close together nursing sessions and very little rest for Mommy), and even cut out dairy from my diet.  Still, we were both a mess and very fussy.

After a meeting with my lactation consultant, Chloe was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie which basically prevented her from having full movement of her tongue.  (Here is a great site with more info about tongue ties)  As a result, she couldn't get a strong latch which is what made her gassy, fussy, and messy.  Our pediatrician, Dr. Agarwal, met with us and we weighed all of the pros and cons of having him perform a Frenotomy (release of the tongue by cauterization of the frenulum).  We decided that going ahead with the procedure was the best for us.  While it was difficult knowing she was going through something like this already in her life, we knew that if we were to do it, it had to be now when she was so young that she would be less affected.  Dr. Agarwal was great with her.  It was done in under 5 minutes and he took such great care with her afterwards.

For the next two weeks, we noticed immense improvements!  She was in much better spirits after feedings and we were doing much less laundry.  Yesterday was our follow-up appointment and it has healed beautifully with no re-attachment.  Success!  I am still dairy free, but overall, we are sure the problems were from the tongue tie.

A few things we have learned about Chloe so far:

  • She is a professional snuggler! (and currently a momma's girl)
  • Smiling contests are her favorite thing, second to milk. Her new nickname is "Milk Monster"
  • She loves to be naked and really enjoys the bath.
  • The dogs barking don't bother her at all. (phew!)
  • She absolutely hates a wet bottom.
  • Sitting still is no fun - we have to be on the move!
  • Her favorite toy is her plush Sophie the Giraffe.
  • She's no dummy and really doesn't care for a "dummy" (pacifier)
  • She has a keen sense of when it is mealtime for mommy - what a perfect time to decide she is hungry, too!

We're doing more and more tummy time and she is so strong, doing push ups, holding her head up so well, and starting to springboard on our lap!

We also are now out and about most days, running errands, on social visits, or simply walking the dogs.  Chloe does great in the car seat, stroller, and carrier (her favorite).  In fact, we think she prefers to be out or having company over!  A perfect excuse for moving around and snatching plenty of snuggle time.

This past week, Simon has started giving her one bottle a day.  They love their special time together!

Now at one month, she is technically sleeping through the night (experts call that 5 hours).  She is setting her own routine, in bed by 8, up at 1 and finally at 4 before she turns back into a milk monster.  Boy we are lucky and crossing our fingers this pattern sticks since it is perfect for both of our work schedules and regular 5 a.m. alarms.

At her one month check-up yesterday, she weighed in at 10 pounds 7.5 ounces and measured at 21.5 inches.  Growing so fast, we're barely keeping up.

Here are some of our favorite photos from her first month.


Hours old, flashing her first smile

Our first day together

Jack standing guard


Our sleepy little angel


First doctor's visit and meeting Grandma and Grandpa Andresen


Snuggling with Mommy and Daddy


First sponge bath


Showing off her snuggling skills


Chloe's big photo shoot!

Always posing, even in her sleep


Regular walks with the dogs and a visit from Grandpa Jim



Spending more time awake



Her first bath in the tub


A tired mommy and hungry girl 

Can someone say model?

First attempts with the dummy

Cloth diaper bubble butt!


One of her many faces and first bottle with Daddy


Sleeping through our first meal out - Thank you, Chloe!

More tummy time - gearing up for a push up!

Jean shorts on a baby are just too cute!


Helping Daddy with the laundry

At Inn Mommies, with our Doula Kelly Sunshine

Loving being naked at the doctor's office

Our happy girl, one month old with her pal Sophie

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